30 Sep

One thing we are humans share in common is the innate need for a romance relationship. We seem incomplete without someone to share our true feelings and connect with. Something that has always intrigued me (and probably many of you as well) is the gnawing question: Why can’t we stop failing and make better choices for ourselves?What is it about us that cause us to make so many mistakes that doom us to crash and burn in our romance relationship? This led me, on a personal quest, to build this website and create a safe, community of care for those of us that can’t seem to get it right in a romance relationship. A place to share ideas, and help stop the pain of repeating the same mistakes, over and over. A place to communicate, share and learn from each other.

Below you will find a few examples from the Punam Rawat files. Feel free to share and have a look around our community. I am dedicated to adding new pages, and great places for you to visit, to help you build a true and lasting romance relationship.

  • Right now, I feel like this romance relationship with him really stinks! Every time we get around his friends, he turns into a different person and just ignores me. Why? He is a different person when we are alone! What can I do?"
  • Why can’t I make her understand that just because I don’t call her ALL of the time, or answer EVERY e-mail, doesn’t mean that I don’t like her, or don’t want to be with her. Why can’t she understand my need for some personal time with my friends Andheri escorts in Mumbai? I really like this girl, but I don’t understand her INCESSANT need to suffocate me! Please help!

  • At first, everything that he did, when were alone, thrilled me! Then he wanted to try, what I considered some really strange things, and now I am lost as to how to talk to him. I don’t know where we went wrong, and I have no idea how to tell him without sounding critical. Please help me! I don’t want to lose this guy! He is just about perfect except for this! Please . . . somebody Help me!

  • Her best friend HATES me! Every time I get around her, she makes cutting remarks about me to my girl, and openly talks about me as though I were not even there. She is more than mean . . . she is a real B.. . They are best friends, and I know that her “friend” is poisoning her mind against me. I don’t think I have a chance to really build something with this girl, as long as her “friend” is talking behind my back. What should I do?
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